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Harness the power of communications and technology for the benefit of your organisation and its people


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Product Overview

SynCT draws on its 20+ years of industry experience and relationships to offer a range of products that enable you and your organisation to keep in sync with with your customers, suppliers, staff and stakeholders thus boosting your effectiveness and efficiency.


The latest proven technologies go into a range of solutions covering many facets of your communications requirements.  These solutions include:


Telephone Systems

Fully featured and easily manageable telephone systems (IP-PBXs) aimed at organisations with between 2 and 1000 extensions (local and remote).


Media Gateways

A range of proven, highly scalable (1 to 1024 E1s) Media Gateways offering E1/T1/J1/DS3/STM-1 TDM connectivity with SS7/SIGTRAN/ISDN protocols coupled with a broad range of codecs on VoIP is provided by SynCT.  The resilience and flexibility of these units makes them suitable for telco grade Service Providers and Carriers as well as medium to large enterprises.


Contact Centres

Powerful yet flexible contact centre solutions will comprehensive media blending capabilities and management reporting.


Conference Bridges

Dedicated conference bridges that can be configured for internal use or for service providers (or internal profit centres) wanting to offer a paid for conferencing service.


Email to SMS Gateways

These email to SMS gateways enable the sending and receiving of SMS messages to be integrated with your email system providing a powerful and instant mechanism to keep in sync with both staff and customers.


Rural Broadband Access

If you can’t get reliable broadband in your town or rural location we may be able to help via our cost effective wireless solution offering guaranteed data rates rather than ‘up to x Mb’ claims.


SIP Trunks

High quality SIP trunks with cost effective call charges offering geographic and non-geographic numbers.  These are perfect for augmenting or replacing your costly ISDN2 or ISDN30 trunks.  We can also provide broadband connectivity that is optimised for voice traffic.


Business VoIP Telephones

SynCT offers a range of IP telephones with specifications including video and HD Voice that can be located at the office or remotely.


All of these solutions can be configured, installed and supported by SynCT on flexible terms.


Please feel free to contact SynCT for an informal initial chat about your requirements.