SynCT provides a fully managed turn key solution for your office communication needs. This includes the following professional services:

  • Consultancy and Planning
  • Configuration
  • Installation
  • Commissioning
  • Support
  • Training

Consultancy and Planning

SynCT would rather understand your requirements, needs or aspirations before making any recommendations.  This is the main reason why we ask a lot of questions because we want to be sure that we fully understand what you are trying to achieve.  Only then will we make any recommendations.

As part of the process, SynCT undertakes a detailed site survey to ensure that all of the facilities required for the proper operation of the system are present.  It would not be wise to go ahead without first ascertaining whether or not the existing infrastructure can cope with the demands of the new system.

We will also work with you to ensure that we have all of the information necessary to enable us to configure the system to precisely match your needs.

Our goal is to get it right first time with only minor tweaks from then on as your requirements change.  This is the most efficient way for both you and us.


This is where we effectively implement the requirements specification on the phone system (hosted or premise based). This will more than likely also include the configuration of phone handsets to work with the phone system.

Based on your requirements, SynCT will typically configure a system at our facility as fully as possible before coming to your site for final installation of the premise based components.


This is when we install the phone system components at your site. With a hosted platform this typically entails network configuration and the plugging in of the phones. If there is a premise based system then the phone system itself will also be installed on site.

We are flexible and can work with you to install in one go or, for larger systems, a phased approach may be preferable.

Most systems are installed during office hours.  If this is not convenient then evening or weekend installations can be agreed at the consultancy and planning stages.


Commissioning refers to the action of actually going live on the new platform.  This is typically planned to occur during a normally quiet period for your organisation to minimise disruption.

In some cases, a phased commissioning may be recommended whereby different areas of your organisation may go live over a period of time to ease the transition for your people.

Many non-physical aspects of the commissioning process can be managed remotely by us so that disruption to your organisation can be further minimised.


The systems that SynCT supplies are largely supported remotely.  This means that we can quickly reconfigure systems from our offices as per your changing requirements without necessitating a site visit which might disrupt your organisation.

Site visits are undertaken when required in line with what is agreed during the consultancy and planning phase.


We will ensure that you and your staff know how to get the maximum benefit from your phone system. This is usually achieved with a ‘train the trainer’ or ‘cascade’ method so that the knowledge stays with your organisation and may become part of your staff induction process. We typically train key members of your staff so that they can quickly and easily pass on the knowledge as and when needed.